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Northern NSW Area news sheet: Northern Lights

    Northern NSW Area Literature

    The Northern NSW office has been damaged by fire. Literature orders will be unavailable until the office is re-opened.

    The Southern NSW and Southern Queensland areas have kindly offered to handle book orders for us in the interim.

    Here is a direct link to the online Literature page

    • Interactive Literature Price List – removed for the time being
    • Replica PDF Literature Price List – removed for the time being

    Northern NSW Area Public Information


    May 2020: Suggested Workshop Guide For Group’s Public Information (P.I.) Inventory

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    Black icon outlining a hand putting money into a donation box. This icon is used on the memeber resources page and donation page so members can easily send money to al-Anon Fmaily Groups Australia and allow them to continue to support the ommunity of members..

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    “What’s On” Events and Information in Southern NSW:

    32nd Annual Central Coast AA Rally with Al-Anon participation

    Date: 5-7 May 2023

    Venue: Camp Chapman


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