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Thank you for your donation, keeping Al-Anon Family Groups self-supporting through member donations. Your generosity is always appreciated.

If you are not an Al-Anon member, we thank you for your kindness, but respectfully decline your donation. Please learn more about Al-Anon’s donation policy and philosophy as embedded in our Seventh Tradition, below.

Members note: all donations are tax deductible.

Australian General Service Office (AGSO) bank account details for Electronic Funds Transfer:

BSB:  063158       Acct No.:  10035455

    We ask members to please email AGSO when making a donation: advising of a full name and the Group or Area you belong to. Then we can reply with your receipt. If it’s a regular donation and you always use the same reference, it’s only necessary to send us one email at the start.

     Credit Card Options are available using PayID and PayPal

    Personal Donations to the Al-Anon Australia General Fund via the GiveNow website. If your mobile phone has a camera, the QR code below takes you directly to the GiveNow web-based portal.  

    For detailed information about GiveNow please contact the AGSO by phone or email.

    Al-Anon’s philosophy about donations

    Tradition Seven, Al-Anon Family Groups

    “Every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

    While group member contributions cover each group’s rent and other expenses such as refreshments and keeping some Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature on hand, the Seventh Tradition donations are essential at every level of Al‐Anon service.

    It is both a privilege and a responsibility for groups and members to ensure that not only their group remains self-supporting, but also that all links of service remain selfsupporting. This philosophy keeps AlAnon free from outside influences which might divert us from our primary purpose: supporting families and friends of alcoholics.