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northern queensland - districts that northern queensland serve.

Serving the Districts of…
Coraperena: North of Rockhampton, across to Alpha, and north again to Bowen

Cleveland: North of Bowen, west to Mt Isa, and north to Ingham

Far North: From Innisfail in the south, Acrose the Atherton Tableland and north to Cooktown.

Our groups and members welcome visitors, and would love your visit if you are travelling our way!

District map of distances our members travel to attend meetings:

    Northern queensland area district map of distances our members travel to attend meetings


    North Queensland Literature for Purchase:

    Northern Queensland Public Information

    South Queensland – Area Association Update:

    • Public Information Poster You are not alone. This poster is the current North Queensland Area Public Information piece which can be used for Public Information work. Local meeting details can be inserted.
    • Guideline: G-10 Reaching out to the Public/Media
    • A Guide for Group Inventory of Public Information Activities (annually, in May)

    Northern Queesnland Area Group info update

    Group Information Update Form:

    Group Inventory:

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    “What’s On” Events and Information in North QLD:

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